Embankments: Usually consist of soil but may also include aggregate, rock, or crushed paving material. Al-Mardoof is specialized & famous in embankment work based on his competent engineers, supportive staff & big fleet of modern equipment. Recently, Mardoof has completed four projects with a huge quantity of embankment 7,509,786 m3.

Al-Mardoof standard of work is fantastic and is example among other companies engaged in construction industry.

While embankment, Al-Mardoof management takes no compromise and select good quality material that meets required standards of MOT. During embankment, Al- Mardoof engineers & lab technician also take special care on type of material, material gradation, material gravity and density to achieve optimum results. Al- Mardoof is specialized in common fill, rock fill and sand fill.

Subgrade: The sub-grade will need some basic preparation to make it fit for construction purposes and this process is known as 'sub-grade formation'. Al- Mardoof engineers are well versed with sub-grade formulation because.

On every Al-Mardoof project, subgrade being carried out by separate team. The team is consist of engineers, foreman’s, surveyor’s, lab technician and a set of latest equipment’s i.e. graders, rollers, water trailers. Our engineers ensure that subgrade able to support loads transmitted from the pavement structure.

Our lab technicians take special care on verifying degree of compaction, moisture content, and type of material being used. Currently, subgrade being carried out on our four ongoing projects and Alhamdulillah our work performance is excellent.