Construction of 3rd Ring Road, Stage-1, 5 KM along Bridge 2 No’s, Interchange 2 No’s with 2 loops, the total length ofLoops 5.25km & 7.238 km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 111.529.970

Construction of 3rd Ring Road, Stage-2, 7 kilometers, along with construction of Retaining walls

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 62.665.931

Construction of 3rd Ring Road, Stage-4, LS-RS Service Rods, Dual way bridges, NJ Barriers, slope protection, pipe, electrical work, length = 18 km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 159.073.955

Construction of 3rd Ring Road, Stage-5, with bridge and Rock Excavation & Fill, RCBC-RCPC, New Jersey Barriers, Ditch, total length of Project = 5 km

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 110.000.000

Constructions of Agricultural link Roads, Group-6, with 2 Bridges RCBC – RCPC (Jeedha - Qaisab Alwaj - Alward - Salilha Masadar). Total length = 60 km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 133.050.000

Construction of Agricultural & Secondary Roads, Alula, dual carriageway at Al-Hajjar & Al-Matter, Bridge & RCBC, Total length = 35.60 km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 125.125.000

Madina-Alula Tabuk Expressway, Phase-I, Construction of dual carriageway road structure, bridge, RCBC-RCPC, Total length = 6 km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 77.000.000

Group-1, Constructions of links roads, Al-Sawa and Al-Sawedra including allied structure, like RCBC & RCPC, Slope Protection. Total length = 42 km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 79.998.204


Secondary Roads, Group-1, underpass structure with allied structures like RCBC RCPC & Accidental works like new jersey barriers. Total length = 1.8 km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 79.998.204

Secondary Roads, Group-15, Construction of agricultural links roads with related structures RCBC-RCBC. Total length of project = 41km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 84.999.999

Madina Tabuk Expressway – Phase-II, Construction of dual carriageway, Interchange, RCBC, 5 Bridges, protection work, total length = 4.4km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 140.000.000

Madina Tabuk Expressway – Phase-III, Construction of dual carriageway, RCBCRCPC, CSP, NJB, industrial fence with 3 Bridges, total length of project = 27km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 230.788.897

Rehabilitation of Existing Roads, Khyber-2, Construction of bridge, RCBC-RCPC, NJB, CSP, Gabion, curbstones etc. Total length = 10km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 30.000.000

Rehabilitation of Existing Roads, Khyber-3, Removal & reconstruction of Bridge, RCBC and RCPC, and allied accidental work. Total length = 30 km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 37.739.000

Rehabilitation of Exiting Roads, Khyber-4, and allied accidental work RCBC & RCPC, Slope Protection. Total length of project = 20 km.

PROJECT VALUE - SR: 33.288.250