Rock Excavation

Many times excavation in rocks is required for foundation of structure. The procedure for excavation in rocks is different than excavation in ordinary soils. It requires skilled manpower and specialized tools and equipment’s for excavating the rocky ground.

Al-Mardoof is specialized in rock excavation. Mardoof has big fleet of excavation equipment’s with highly qualified and skilled Engineers. Recently Al-Mardoof has completed three projects in Medina Region with massive amount of rock excavation 13,628,820 M3 in only a period of 48 months. This huge excavation work efficiently done by sheer efforts of our Engineers, supportive staff, modern equipment’s and by using modern techniques for rock excavation. This huge excavation work is done with 60% blasting and 40% with bulldozers & excavators. To achieve this huge quantity, Al-Mardoof used several techniques for blasting i.e. production, control and split blasting etc. Mardoof also utilized many different varieties of explosives with different compositions and performance properties to achieve targeted quantity.

Al-Mardoof has separate group for drilling and blasting management. This group is well trained and fully aware for modern blasting techniques. Our drilling group, drill the area within 2-3 days. Bench slope, width and height are taken into consideration by our Engineers while trimming the rocks.

Alhamdulillah Mardoof work on rock excavation is tremendous and have good expression with Ministry.